Franchise Training Components

Amerikick will provide the most comprehensive and updated training for franchisees. These components will include:


You will learn all business operations, which will include daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, school maintenance, office procedures, managing appointments, planning school events and promotions, and operating the Amerikick software program.


This includes all aspects of teaching effective and exciting classes to all Amerikick students, key aspects of student retention, and protocols for cancelled students.


You will learn primary goals and objectives for each of the five Amerikick curriculums in addition to supplemental curriculum and specialized character development curriculums.

Programs, Sales
and Merchandising

You will learn every step of how to handle a new student, from the lead call to enrollment and upgrade. This includes scripted procedures on the introductory lesson, the sale and how to overcome objections, along with time tested sales techniques to qualify the lead prospect. We have packaged everything from beginner training programs to advanced level black belt programs, each developed to gain maximum results for the student as well as the school.


You will learn how to recruit, train, and interact with all staff members. You will learn the duties and responsibilities of all instructor levels in addition to front desk receptionists, program directors, and school managers. Payroll, suggested bonus levels, and other incentives to motivate staff for maximum efficiency will also be learned during your training.

Testing and

The single most important event at an Amerikick school is the monthly test and graduation.
You will learn how the testing cycle works and how to conduct a stripe test, a pretest, and a belt graduation.

Marketing and

The Amerikick marketing and promotional approach to success includes low cost marketing and advertising, in-house promotions, and paid advertising. Seasonal ad slicks, monthly newsletters, targeted email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, website promotions, and sales calls are all part of our Amerikick Marketing program.