Frequently Asked Questions

How much money
do I need to open
a franchise?

There are many factors in determining how much capital needed to open a location. 
The amounts differ depending upon whether it is a conversion or start up location, the lease deal, the local market, the build out and a few other factors. Our FDD allocates between $82,445-$91,045, which includes all franchise fees and six months of working capital.  More detailed information will be presented upon further franchise processes.


Amerikick changes lives. Not only will you impact the children in your school with life skills, you will help families become healthier and stronger. You will become a leader in your community. Amerikick raises thousands of dollars to help local teams and charities.

Does Amerikick
find the location?

Yes.  Amerikick has a very experienced and professional real estate team that will help you research, scout and find the perfect location for your Amerikick school. The Amerikick Team will also handle the lease negotiations, lease review, and help design your school.

What separates Amerikick
from others?

Amerikick has been in operation since 1967 and franchising since 1990. 
The executive officers are all martial artists as well as former and current school owners and operators.  They have experiences in all areas of operations and business development.  They are in the trenches everyday which keeps them current and up to date with new cutting edge ideas and business systems.

Do I need martial
arts experience?

No, however it helps. Amerikick has successful current school owners with no martial arts backgrounds or experience.  Amerikick does recommend some training, and provides the training in an easy accelerated manner. Amerikick’s top instructors will also provide training for your staff from beginner level to master level status.